Room For More Hero
Room For More Style Guide

I created the wordmark for this campaign and the overall style including how the photos were edited, the color, and the various assets like patterns and icons. I found this color brown particularly important because it promoted a warm and organic feeling and it would stand out from other winter campaigns that would use blue or Christmas campaigns that would use green and red.

Room For More Christmas Card

Around Christmas, every sponsor receives a Christmas card from their sponsored friend. We also sent this Christmas card along with it to thank them for their support over the past year, highlighting how import it is, and also asking if they could sponsor another friend.

One of our efforts this campaign was to encourage our Facebook followers to start a Facebook fundraiser on Giving Tuesday. For all of the donations on Giving Tuesday in the fundraiser, they could receive double Global Points, points that help them earn Awareness Trips. I created animations that we shared on Facebook and sent in emails to communicate the Facebook fundraiser.

I designed the layout of the two websites we used for Room For More. The left is focused on donations and the right is focused on sponsorship. The icons used were made specifically for this campaign.

In addition to editing the photos I also sized them and prepared them for use on our social platforms and sometimes for email as well.

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