For further explanation on a pay-what-you-can cafe they use this motto: "If your pockets are full, please give a bit more. If your pockets are light, pay what you can. And if your pockets are empty please eat and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal in exchange for an hour of volunteer time."

Take Root gets their ingredients from local gardens and farmers so I created a multipage table tent featuring some of the people behind it. It was one of my favorite parts of the project, getting to drive to the different locations (even on a four wheeler for a moment) and talking to the people that were going to help with this cause.


I also created these fundraising posters using their tagline "Be the Seed." I wanted to highlight that anyone could help so by only showing hands, the audience might be able to picture themselves aiding this cause.


To the left is a poster promoting a Dance-A-Thon fundraiser they organized at Truman State University. I wanted to illustrate dancing but in a more rustic and earthy way so I created these plant based characters and learned how to woodburn!

To the right is a placemat with different statistics about world hunger. the goal was that while people were waiting for their food, they would be able to learn why their contribution was important and hopefully this would encourage them to continue.

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